Baseball glove Sheep leather in various colors Back of Nylon All sizes. Baseball glove Sheep skin leather with blue color nylon back. Available in L, XL, XXL. Leather in different colors. Baseball glove Sheep Leather Nylon back All sizes and colors... Baseball glove Sheep leather in all colors. Nylon back. All sizes and colors available.Baseball glove Sheep Leather Gloves, Nylon Back, All sizes and colors.... Cotton Products Cotton Glove Tricot Mitten, Single Layer. Ideal for high temperatures. Cotton Glove Tricot Mitten, Bleached Rexene Palm.Cotton Glove Tricot Mitten. Double palm and thumb, 20 cm canvas cuff. Cotton Glove Terry double, 10 cm canvas cuff. Cotton Glove Terry five finger with 10 cm canvas cuff. Cotton Glove Terry five finger with 15 cm canvas cuff.Cotton Glove # 135-W Terry five finger with knit wrist.Cotton Glove # 136 Terry five finger cotton drill back glove with 10 cm canvas cuff.... oCotton Glove # 137 Cotton drill mitten with one layer polythene, Cotton Glove # 139 Hot mill glove. Knuckle protector on back with three layer palm. 30 oz. Canvas cuff20 cm long. Cotton Glove # 140 Hot mill glove with knuckle protector on back. 3 layer palm, 18 oz, 3 cm cuff.... oCotton Glove # 141 Cotton drill gloves, 12 cm canvas cuff, 14 oz. Cotton Glove # 143 Cotton drill glove, 8 and 7 0z. Cotton Glove # 144 Cotton interlock for dipping with wrist. Cotton glove # 145 Cotton foursheet jersey glove, 23 cm long, unbleached wing thumb. Cotton Glove # 146 Cotton interlock glove, wing thumb, bleached, size 8-12... oCotton Glove # 147 Cotton interlock glove, 2 piece bleached, 25-26 cm long, men size. Cotton Glove # 148 Cotton interlock glove, 2 piece, unbleached, 25 cm long with knit wrist. Cotton Gloves # 148 cotton interlock gloves, two piece, unbleached, 25 cm lenght. # 144 ( For Dipping... Driver Gloves 114-GY Drivers glove of Goat Grain leather of yellow color. 114-GY Drivers glove of Goat Grain leather of yellow color. 114-SGY Driver Glove in Golden yellow color, Plam of Cowhide grain leather & back is in Split leather. High Driver Glove # 114 Chrome split leather driver glove, Elastic on back, various sizes Driver Glove # 114G Goat Skin leather gloves with wrist elastic for size 10. All sizes available.Good for Mechanical ris Driver Glove # 114y High Quality split leather in Golden yellow Color, Elastic sewn on wrist area, various sizes availab... Goal Keeper Glove GK-101 & 102 Latex Foam PU, Size Men. Good for Professional Players, Logo can be Placed GK-107, 108, 110, 111 GK 107 & 108, 100 % cotton, Dotted rubber Plam, Training Purpose. GK 110 & 111, Mix Nylon, Rubber P Motor Bike Gloves ( Motorcyclist) MBK 11 Motor Bike gloves made of cowhide leather, inside Thermo lining Mountain Bike Glove MB 47 Mountain bike gloves made of Goat leather with PU rubber back. MB 48 Goat leather glove for mountain bike riders with PU rubber back. MB 49 Goat leather Mountain Bike glove with PU rubber back. Haif fingers.... oMB 50 Mountain Bike glove for Riders, made of goat leather with PU rubber back. MB-46 Goat leather glove for mountain bike drivers with PU Rubber back for safety of hands Nylon Gloves Nylon Glove # 160 Nylon Glove size 6-12 Riding Gloves RD-73 Riding gloves in very fine Quality Cowhide leather. All sizes available.Can be presented with lining RD-74 Cowhide leather with Nylon Back. RD-75 White cowhide leather with Nylon back. RD-76 Cowhide full leather. RD-77 Riding glove made of Artificial leather & with Nylon back. RD-78 Cowhide leather glove with Nylon Back. RD-79 Artificial leather glove with Nylon Back Safety Gloves 106-Y Yellow color split leather glove, economy , pasted cuff, plam lined only, size 10. Safety Glove # 100W Clute pattern safety glove, Knit wrist. Drill cotton back. Safety Glove # 101 Clute pattern working glove with split leather palm and drill cloth cotton back with knit wrist. Safety Glove # 104F Split leather work gloves, reinforced leather palm/ index finger and thumb with drill cloth back and Safety Glove # 104p Cow Split leather glove with patch palm reinforcement. All leather finger tips & thumb. Pull patch o Safety Glove # 105F Furniture leather palm with cotton drill cloth back and safety gloves. Plam lined only. Safety Glove # 106Split leather palm working glove with stripped cotton back and pasted cuff. Inside palm lined. Size Safety Glove # 107 Split leather palm, stripped cotton back and matching rubber safety cuff with full fleece lining. F Safety Glove # 108 Split leather dyed with matching cotton back and rubberized safety cuff. Inside lined size men. Good Safety Glove # 108z Canadian Pattern Cow Split leather working glove for Mechanical Risk. Denim Zean Cuff & back, Full l Safety Glove # 109 Split leather chrome color glove with light denim back with canvas cuff. Inside lined. Size men. Safety Glove # 110 Split leather dyed glove with drill cloth cotton back canvas cuff, Palm lined only, size men.Good fo Welders Safety Glove # 111 and 111G 111: Split leather gloves with reinforced seams. Fully lined, size 35 cm. Color available Bla Welders Safety Glove # 112 Split leather heat resistant welders glove. Size 36 cm long... oWelders Safety Glove # 113 Split leather glove with lining. Size 35 cm Welders Safety Glove # 115 Split leather welders gloves size 10.5 inches.... oWelders Safety Glove # 117 Goat skin plam and back with split leather cuff. Size 35 cm Welders Safey Glove # 120 Napa leather glove. Available for all size range Safety Items Apron Cow split leather apron in 60 x 90 cm & 80 X 100 cm sizes with leather straps. Apron 1 Cow hide grain leather apron, size 60 x 90 cm & 80 x 100 cm sizes with leather straps. Apron 2 Apron, available in Cow Split Leather. Size is 80X100 cm. This Apron has a Body Reinforcement of 40X Apron 3 This apron is to secure the area under waist upto knees. So the size of the Apron is 60 X 70 cm. It Apron 4. Cotton Apron made of 100% Canvas Apron. Available size are 60X90 cm & 80X100 cm. It has ropes tied with the Apron 5. Cotton Apron made of 100 % cotton canvas. Size is 80X100 cm. It has a Body reinforcement of Split leather m Leg Guard # 129 Leg Guard to secure Shin & boots. Available in Cow Split Leather & Cow Grain Leather. Thickness of t... oMulti pockets Apron 100 % cotton apron, with multple pockets, belts around neck & Back, Washable, White, Red, Green, Yel Sleeve # 124 Sleeves for arm protection. Available in two sizes. One is 30 cm long & other is 60 cm long. Materia Welding Jacket Avaiable in Cowhide Split leather as well as in Grain Leather, Sizes from 46-58, Leather thickness 1... Sports Range Boxing Gloves Range Description is available for each . Soccer Range Soccer range